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Pencil Board / Shitajiki Web Ring (14 Sites, 421 Hits) 12/04/1998

Featured Ring  

A ring for collectors of those wonderful card-like pieces of plastic known as Pencil Boards or Shitajiki in Japanese. Primarily anime, but you might find others, too!


Anime Card Collectors' Webring (40 Sites, 217 Hits) 09/15/1999
Featured Ring  

Welcome to the premier anime cards ring on the net! This is the ring for collectors, traders and sellers a like.



Fruits Basket Webring (18 Sites, 104 Hits) 07/26/2000
Featured Ring This is the only ring of its kind on the net. It's about the anime, Fruits Basket; the intriguing story, the lovable Sohmas with their family secret and the wonderous girl who turns everyone's life upside down.


Anime Skin Art (13 Sites, 56 Hits) 12/04/1998
Featured Ring 

A WebRing dedicated to all those who make anime skins for our favorite MP3 players. Mostly Winamp but also open to anyone who makes any other types of skins.

Anime Cards Webring (13 Sites, 151 Hits) 12/31/1996
Featured Ring Welcome to the first, the original, Anime Cards Ring on the net! This is the ring for collectors, traders and sellers a like. Come join and be a part of internet history!

Maison Ikkoku Central (7 Sites, 18 Hits) 12/31/1996
Featured Ring The ultimate web ring for Rumiko Takahashi's Maison Ikkoku - A Moment of Togetherness.

Marmalade Boy Ring (7 Sites, 26 Hits) 12/31/1996
Featured Ring This ring is to connect all Marmalade Boy sites together; come join the ring about this great romantic anime!




Naruto Webring (6 Sites, 24 Hits) 01/15/2003
Featured Ring This webring is totally about the anime Naruto.




Otaku Video Productions (4 Sites, 6 Hits) 05/05/2001
Featured Ring A webring for makers of fan-based anime video creations. Ranging from fansubs, fandubs, music videos, parodies, distributions, trading, and original animation productions.

The Princess Mononoke Webring (8 Sites, 80 Hits) 08/23/1998
Featured Ring Welcome to The Princess Mononoke Webring! Here you can find a link of websites with information based on the anime, Princess Mononoke.

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