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Custom Speaker Building (6 Sites, 216 Hits) 

Featured Ring The Custom Speaker Building webring is devoted web sites about to building do it yourself custom, guitar, bass, PA, and stereo speaker cabinets, providing technical advice about crossovers, drivers, and DIY cabinets.

The Recording & Pro Audio Ring (5 Sites, 18 Hits) 05/19/2001
Featured Ring This ring is for anyone involved with recording music (i.e. studios, manufacturers, producers) Professionals and amateurs welcome.

Audio and Video (14 Sites, 2276 Hits) 06/08/2000
Featured Ring Web sites with information on home audio and video systems. Sony, Technics, Tech, Samsung, RCA, Sylvania, Toshiba, Sharp, Emerson, GPX, Audiovox, Action, AG Neovo, American Action, Axion, BenQ, Canon, Casio, Coby, DigitalStream, DLink, Epson, Haier, Hewlett Packard, Hisense USA, Humax, JVC, Jwin, Mintek, NEC, Optoma, Panasonic, Philips, Proview and Many More Televisions, Home Theaters, Stereos and Projectors!

Gainclone amplifiers (4 Sites, 3248 Hits) 09/05/2003
Featured Ring This webring is for all DIY'ers who like to build amplifiers based on the IC's from National Semiconductor, LM3875 and LM3886 and similar. Manufactures are also welcome, everybody in fact who have something with LM3875 and LM3886. The basic criteria is that you have created something on your own.

Home Theater WebRing (4 Sites, 120 Hits) 01/30/1999
Featured Ring This is a collection of sites dedicated to Home Theater, Home Audio and Home Automation!

High End Music Webring (4 Sites, 322 Hits) 09/09/2000
Featured Ring This ring contains all sorts of high end music, audio and audio equipment related sites.  A place for the high end audiophile!


The Classic Stereo Equipment Web Ring (4 Sites, 373 Hits) 11/28/2001
Featured Ring Classic & High End Stereo Equipment from 1949 to 1985, Reel to Reel Tape Decks, Receivers, Turntables, Amplifiers, Power Amps, AM/FM Turners, Preamplifiers, Cassette Decks, 8-Track Decks, 4-Track Decks, Tube Equipment, Repairs, Manuals and Parts. Add your web-site today

The Audiophile Webring (19 Sites, 2851 Hits) 06/09/1998
Featured Ring The Audiophile Webring is for anyone with an interest in high-end home audio and home theatre equipment. It allows you to show what your system is comprised of, and the music or movies you enjoy listening to and watching. Sites with audiophile links and commercial audiophile products or audiophile magazine sites are welcome.


Experimental Interactive Arts (4 Sites, 24 Hits) 05/25/2000
Featured Ring A ring of experimental interactive artists. Sites may include virtual reality, live experimental video, interactive sculpture, artifical intelligence, or any other creative and experiemental technological art/innovation. This ring is not intended for commerical activity, but rather a networking of techno-artists.

Video (9 Sites, 64 Hits) 02/03/2002
Featured Ring The Video webring invites sites with video to join. Do you display or discuss online video, videocamera techniques, applications for editing movies, for uploading and downloading, suggestions, tips, help, user experiences, etc.

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