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Let's Eat (3 Sites, 6 Hits) 10/26/2011 okieshadow

A webring for all that relate to Recipes, Food, Cooking 

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The Onion Ring (3 Sites, 3 Hits) 03/29/2009 genessa
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A ring about onions: growing onions, cooking with onions, causing tears with onions, topical uses of onions, medicinal uses both topical and by ingestion, pickling onions, bowling with onions, loving them, hating them, wearing them, selling them, anything PG-rated you can think of concerning onions! Yes, that includes eating onions, raw, cooked or in any other way!  By "onions" we mean anything in the family allium that is commonly called an onion, including but not limited to allium cepa (the bulb or garden onion), scallions, shallots, chives, even garlic, which is admittedly not an onion in the usual sense but is an allium nonetheless.  Did we mention recipes?  Will Rogers said:  "An onion can make people cry, but there has never been a vegetable invented to make them laugh."  This ring was inspired by the inimitable &rea.  Pictured:  the ring manager's favorite, sweet yellow onions.

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Snack Foods And More (3 Sites, 49 Hits) 10/22/2009 okieshadow
All sites dealing with snack foods. Retail, Wholesale. Articles on snack foods. Blogs on snack food. Healthy snack foods and not so healthy snack foods. Chips, jerky, popcorn, meat snacks, snack cakes, portability of snack foods etc.

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European Recipes (2 Sites, 82 Hits) 05/03/1998 genessa
Find in this ring all manner of sites with European or European-influenced recipes for your gastronomical pleasure.  You may even find pages without recipes but of historical interest regarding European food, or sites selling ingredients needed for European recipes... who knows, a blog may turn up out of nowhere!  Pictured on this page:  Italian scampi photographed by Frank Wouters of Antwerp, Belgium.  On the NavBar:  a serving of Swedish pyttipanna (potatoes, meat and onion, peas, corn, red bell pepper, baby carrots, and other veggies, served with a fried egg and beetroot and photographed February 19, 2009 (then released to the public domain) by Wikimedia Commons user Nilli.

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Strawberries (2 Sites, 21 Hits)  tattooed_ogre
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Aloe Vera Gel starts repairing and stimulating Pancreas (1 Sites, 3 Hits) 03/29/2011 rsiyengar
Gel starts repairing and stimulating Pancreas and other organs of the body, thereby giving considerable relief for Diabetes, arthritis, sthma and Heart ailments and improves eye-sight also. Person will feel overall improvement in energy level due to rejuvenation and regeneration of Cells and Perfect Functioning of body systems and organs. DOSAGE : 50 ml in the Morning with Empty Stomach and 50 ml at Night 30 to 45 minutes before or after meal. Aloe Vera can be taken with any Medication, as it has No Negative Side Effects. Avoid eating pickles, fried and toxic foods. For more information and products : http://www.ramabadranseshadri.com

SHOPPING ONLINE with our Malls (1 Sites, 4 Hits) 01/22/2012 usmillionairesociety
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