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Français de l'étranger (14 Sites, 352 Hits) 07/19/2000

Featured Ring Pages créées par des Français établis hors de France, traitant de l'expatriation ou offrant une perspective multiculturelle francophile. Cet anneau est aussi ouvert aux établissements scolaires Français de l'étranger et à toutes les associations de Français expatriés, y compris religieuses ou politiques (de tous bords non extrémistes) en France ou hors de France. Les Etrangers établis en France sont également les bienvenus. International Francophile sites (in English) are welcome.

Aussie Slang (8 Sites, 109 Hits) 12/31/1996
Featured Ring G'day, mate, and welcome to our ring. This is a webring of Australian content to link Australians worldwide, and inform the world of what Australia is all about. The emphasis here is on the slang and the cultural values it represents. The slang is a lot of fun. But other aspects of Australia are also included.


Exhibitions and World Fairs (4 Sites, 387 Hits) 02/06/2000
Featured Ring The Exhibitions and World Fairs Ring is all about great Exhibitions, Expos and World Fairs. Including sites, collectables and exhibits.

Seven Nations Sites (4 Sites, 43 Hits) 03/20/1999
Featured Ring A ring for anything to do with the celtic nations - Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Isle of Man, Cornwall, Breton, Cumbria.





Czech and Slovak (4 Sites, 136 Hits) 12/31/1996
Featured Ring Czech and Slovak Ring links non-commercial sites with information related to Czech and Slovak republics, and interesting homepages of people from Czech republic, Slovakia and former Czechoslovakia.

Arab (4 Sites, 66 Hits) 12/02/1998
Featured Ring A collection of arabian region sites.  Some in Arabic.  Linking such countries as Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Syria

Country Bear Webring (7 Sites, 20 Hits) 03/28/1999
Featured Ring A webring with sites featuring with "The Country". This includes sites that have recipes, graphics or just deal with country living.

A Ring of Elves (5 Sites, 423 Hits) 11/07/2001
Featured Ring This is a ring for elven related sites focused on historical elven mythology, those walking an elven path, and those living as elves. Also welcome are sites with resources elves would find helpful. This is not a roleplaying, fantasy or Tolkein ring.

Irish and British Villages WebRing (12 Sites, 550 Hits) 12/31/1996
Featured Ring  Untitled document

A ring for sites containing information about villages in England, the Irish Republic, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales. Member sites contain information on the community history trade and commerce or culture of the village. Any Irish or British village and community site may be found.

Club Afrika Ring - Where Africa Meets! (4 Sites, 37 Hits) 01/20/2005
Featured Ring This ring brings together websites with Africa related content AND/OR owned by Africans: African discussion forums, African news, current events, culture, music and dance, information, politics, trade, economy, business & sports. All our brothers and sisters scattered all over the world involuntarily or by choice are very welcome to join!

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