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Alltheinterweb Computer Help WebRing (4 Sites, 28 Hits) 12/09/2008

Featured Ring A webring for websites offering help with a wide range of computer problems, from component glitches to virus/spyware problems, to web design.


Computer Technical Help (6 Sites, 104 Hits) 02/12/2001
Featured Ring This Btuner ring is for technical computer help for all types of computer users. Beginner, Intermediate, or Advanced.

Technical Support HelpRing (4 Sites, 16 Hits) 09/05/1998
Featured Ring Internet community whose members Offer Technical Support, Consulting, Help Desk Services and Software Solutions to Individuals and Business Users of Computers. Topics Include: Upgrades, Drivers, Operation Tips, Hardware Info, HTML Tools, Java, Java Script, Database Design and Management, Software, Audio Tools, Video Tools, and lots More.

Free Technical Support (5 Sites, 46 Hits) 02/07/2001
Featured Ring The Free Technical Support Btuner Webring is a group of individuals who have agreed to volunteer their time and expertise to aid anyone with computer related questions. Either individually, or as a group, we will attempt to solve your problems. Free Tech Help for the masses.

PC Tech Support (4 Sites, 18 Hits) 09/11/2000
Featured Ring Welcome! This BTUNER web ring was established to address a wide range of PC hardware and software technical support areas including troubleshooting, repairing, maintaining, and upgrading.

The Ring of Rings (13 Sites, 179 Hits) 06/22/1998
Featured Ring A place to feature Webring designs, logos, tips, etc. You need ideas for your Webring, start here. A free resource dedicated to assisting ring managers. Only one qualification, you have to be a WebRing Manager.

Computer Technical Support and Information (17 Sites, 263 Hits) 04/05/1998
Featured Ring This webring is to group sites dedicated to help solve computer hardware and/or software problems a user may be experiencing and to offer valuable technical information. It is also to help professionals find resources quickly and effectively. Please Note: Sales and consultant related sites will not be accepted. Please add those sites to our Computer Web Directory at Thank You.

PC Technical Support (7 Sites, 14 Hits) 06/02/1998
Featured Ring PC help for beginners and proffesionals covering hardware, software and "how to" information. Lots of Links to other sites and plenty of tutorials

*** Web Guard (6 Sites, 139 Hits) 12/31/1996
Featured Ring This webring promotes sites free of both bandwidth theft and copyright theft. Bandwidth theft occurs when you "display" an image on your site by linking to it directly from another site without permission. Bandwidth theft can be quite costly to the original site owner! Copyright theft occurs when you use the original creations of another without permission. Members of our ring spurn these practices and seek to assist victims. *~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~* Sites are welcome even if there is no explicit Web Guard content. Sites join just as a statement of support of Web Guard. However, because this is an "advocacy" webring, sites should support Web Guard by always displaying the webring navbar. There are three ways to do this: (1) place it at the top of a stack or (2) place it in a separate stack or (3) modify the code to show the entire stack. Your join email will explain more. *~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~* All final membership decisions remain with the ringmaster. *~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~* JH33S JE31S NB8L1 KW4

Internet Writers' Guild (25 Sites, 98 Hits) 12/31/1996
Featured Ring 

INTERNET WRITERS' GUILD: Bringing together the authors of web published literature and promoting their work to the internet community at large. If you have literature (e.g., novels, short stories, poetry, published or unpublished) on your website, you would qualify for inclusion in this webring. ::::::::::::::::::::jshv095:jshwrtr:regular:60715

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