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Allegro (12 Sites, 333 Hits) 12/31/1996

Featured Ring Allegro. A webring for game programming library.

The GameBoy Development Ring (14 Sites, 592 Hits) 12/31/1996
Featured Ring Dedicated to the development and programming of games, applications, and hardware using Nintendo's GameBoy, GameBoy Color, and GameBoy Advance handheld gaming systems and/or GameBoy emulators. All sites must be in English.

Atari Console Developers (7 Sites, 370 Hits) 04/21/2000
Featured Ring If you're an Atari console fan looking for new games, or a programmer developing games for the Atari Jaguar, Lynx, or older Atari consoles, this is the webring for you. Listing only active developers, and Atari console related programming sites, you won't be wasting your time checking out all the sites in the ring!

3D and 2D Amateur Games (6 Sites, 14 Hits) 04/11/2002
Featured Ring Game development and programming sites for 3d and 2d amateur games.  Ever thougth yuo might want to create a game of your own?  You might find some useful game development tips here.

Game Programmer's (12 Sites, 42 Hits) 04/27/1998
Featured Ring The mission of this webring is to provide a way of communication and linking for game programmers across the world. It is dedicated to guide the interested reader to information that is useful and tested, be it cutting edge technology or long-proven techniques. If you have anything to do in this business, check this out! Doorway and affiliate pages are not allowed. The WebRing code must be placed on a webpage that gets hits.

The Fantasy/Sci Fi Programmers/3D Modelers/Artists Ring (4 Sites, 5 Hits) 12/31/1996
Featured Ring This Webring was created to link all Fantasy and SciFi programmers and 3D modelers/artists. You could of written a Gaming Aid, Computer Game, designed Fantasy/SciFi based MIDI Tracks or Graphics or anything else.

AI Scripting Ring for Infinity and Aurora Engine Games  (2 Sites, 43 Hits) 08/01/2001
Featured Ring The purpose of this ring is to share information to make, use, improve and test AI Scripts for Infinity Engine Games and Aurora Engine Games such as Baldur's Gate, Tales of the Sword Coast, IceWind Dale, Heart of Winter, Trials of the Luremaster, Baldur's Gate II, Throne of Bhaal, NeverWinter Nights, DarkSide of the Sword Coast, Deeper Shadows of Amn, The Darkest Day, The Ascention, IceWind Dale II and Planscape Torment.

Game Programmers Union (2 Sites, 4 Hits) 04/08/2002
Featured Ring The main target of the Union is to create an association of game programmers of all known languages to share experiences and knowledge. This ring is an official member of the /\malgam of Me, a group of original and adopted webrings dedicated to the pursuit of individuality, free thought, and personal interests.

Linux Game Design (2 Sites, 60 Hits) 12/31/1996
Featured Ring Linux Game Programming Ring. For Linux Gamers and Programmers. Join the world of Linux gaming on the worlds most powerful operating system. Doorway and affiliate pages are not allowed. Ring code must be placed on a webpage that gets hits.

MERC/Derivative Programmers (2 Sites, 47 Hits) 01/01/1998
Featured Ring Contains webpages of programmers of MERC and derivative MUDs (Envy, ROM, Smaug) that wish to share their coding efforts with the world.

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