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Algorithm Project (6 Sites, 57 Hits) 06/04/1999

Featured Ring Кольцо, объединяющее русскоязычные сайты, содержащие разностороннюю информацию по программированию. Для вебмастера реальная возможность увеличить посещаемость своего сайта!

Clarion (6 Sites, 218 Hits) 12/31/1996
Featured Ring CWSuperRing - The Clarion for Windows WebRing This WebRing provides links to Clarion for Windows development resources on the web. These resources contain articles, source code, tips & trick, FAQ's and other free information that is valuable to the Clarion for Windows development community. Clarion for Windows is a 4gl created by TopSpeed Corp.

Euphoria (6 Sites, 366 Hits) 12/31/1996
Featured Ring Dedicated to the Euphoria programming language, an excellent language for DOS, WIN32, Linux, FreeBSD (and soon other ports). There's a free public domain edition of Euphoria.

JAL Programming Language for Embedded Microprocessors (6 Sites, 296 Hits) 10/30/2001
Featured Ring This Ring is for sites that support embedded microprocessors using the JAL Programming Language.

The Magic Developers' Web Ring (10 Sites, 227 Hits) 10/02/1999
Featured Ring Dealing with all aspects of enterprise application development and deployment using Magic 4GL and eDeveloper.

NetRexx (4 Sites, 54 Hits) 12/31/1996
Featured Ring Ring of sites about NetRexx: the programming language alternative to Java. It's easy to learn and use as Rexx, while being as efficient and portable as Java. This ring collects unofficial sites with documentation, tutorials, tools, utilities for NetRexx and source codes of applets and applications written in NetRexx.

Programming Languages (5 Sites, 62 Hits) 12/03/2001
Featured Ring This ring is open to all computer programming-related sites, including all programming languages, tutorials, downloads, tips for programmers, programming discussion boards, programmers' resources and more. JOIN TODAY!!!


Smalltalk (5 Sites, 627 Hits) 10/13/1999
Featured Ring Smalltalk webring - bringing together the users and providers of the Smalltalk programming language community.

Visual Objects (7 Sites, 475 Hits) 05/31/2001
Featured Ring Software development using CA-Visual Objects

Progress Developer's Webring (8 Sites, 813 Hits) 07/11/1999
Featured Ring The "Progress Developer's Webring" provides technical information and products of interest to Progress developers. This includes the Progress 4GL, OpenEdge ABL, Webspeed, Sonic and database administration.

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