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Anipal Central (5 Sites, 472 Hits) 01/07/2010

Featured Ring 

A community of Animals and people who like to help animals in need.



Pyrenean Mountain Dog (12 Sites, 199 Hits) 03/12/2000
Featured Ring Pyrenean Mountain Dogs, Great Pyrenees and all things relating to this breed of dogs.

The CLAW Ring (57 Sites, 445 Hits) 12/31/1996
Featured Ring Membership in this ring is limited to pages about cats who are members of the club CLAW. CLAW is a club for cats on the web. Please note that we are talking about real cats.

Dogs and Cats With Special Needs (15 Sites, 95 Hits) 08/09/1998
Featured Ring Our WebRing is dedicated to dogs and cats that have a disease or disability which may require special needs or care. As owners of these special animal we understand what a joy they are and that they can live happy, healthy (and normal) lives. We welcome anyone who has a Web Site that tells of dogs or cats with special needs in their life. We also welcome all to come and read about our wonderful cats and dogs!

The Skunk ring (6 Sites, 193 Hits) 05/23/1998
Featured Ring This ring is for sites on skunks of any kind (pets , wild ones , cartoon ones , comics staring skunks , stories etc). If you have any material on skunks and want more hits and/or want to become part of an exclsive collectio of sites like yours then this is the ring for you.

The White Shepherd -- White German Shepherd Dog Ring (7 Sites, 101 Hits) 12/31/1996
Featured Ring The White Shepherd -- White German Shepherd Dog Ring is a place for owners, breeders, exhibitors and lovers of white German Shepherd Dogs to meet in order to pool resources and disseminate information. All pages in this ring must pertain to some facet of life with the White Shepherd (white German Shepherd) and must contain sufficient content -- in the opinion of the Ring Owner -- to warrant membership in the Ring. Joining the ring makes it easier for people to find their way to your web site. Pages about family pets or sites concerned with breed rescue are particularly encouraged! Come join us and learn about this wonderful breed! This is an all-ages, English language Ring; please, no profanity!!! Have fun!

Rescue Organizations (7 Sites, 81 Hits) 10/30/2000
Featured Ring Open to all who are involved in rescue of homeless pets.

Pet Groomers  (5 Sites, 383 Hits) 09/18/2000
Featured Ring This webring is for professional pet groomers, grooming tips, and supplies.

In Memoriam (10 Sites, 630 Hits) 09/29/1999
Featured Ring Remembering our lost loved ones of spcies other than our own.

Pet Connection (153 Sites, 630 Hits) 09/29/1999
Featured Ring 

Untitled document

Find in this WebRing sites personal, academic and commercial pertaining to pets of all kinds, be they traditional or weird, single or multiple, all one species or a mixed bag, a cherished lost pet, a thriving animal family member, a responsible breeder, or simply an animal lover.  Pictured on this page:  the ring manager's late beloved Wafer (July 25, 1985 - April 11, 2000), aged about ten days.  On the NavBar:  Korean friends, one canine and one feline.


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