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Crustaceans Around the World (7 Sites, 58 Hits) 01/16/1999

Featured Ring Crustaceans include 52,000 species from the various genera. This includes crayfish, lobsters, barnacles, crabs, shrimp, krill, terrestrial hermit crabs, woodlice, sea lice, and many more species.  This ring links together websites about Crustaceans in natural settings in addition to Crustaceans in aquariums or other artificial ponds. They discuss the various species, provide their life history, and give tips on keeping them alive in artificial environments.





Seahorses (4 Sites, 176 Hits) 12/16/2007
Featured Ring Seahorse, Sea Horse, Information, Facts and Care. Baby Seahorses, Dwarf and Yellow Seahorses. Seahorses for Sale. Sea Colt. Sea Dragon.

All Marine Life WebRing (14 Sites, 17 Hits) 11/24/2006
Featured Ring This webring brings together websites about marine life in the world's oceans, including the largest mammals such as whales & purpoises & seals, to invertebrates such as mollusks & crabs & sea urchins, to the tiniest plankton.




Sea Critters WebRing (17 Sites, 64 Hits) 12/31/1996
Featured Ring This webring is for websites that have to do with any living animal organism in the ocean -- from blue whales down to jellyfish, from sharks to coral, from bryozoans to squid.





Sea Life WebRing (12 Sites, 59 Hits) 03/04/2000
Featured Ring This webring links together websites featuring any species that live in the sea. This may include Anemones, Brachiopods, Crabs and Shrimp and other Crustaceans, Dolphins, Fish, Jelly Fish, Penguins and other marine birds, Plankton, Porpoises, Sea Lions, Sea Shells and other Mollusks, Sea Urchins and other Echinoids, Seals, Sharks, Turtles, Whales, and any other marine critters. You will learn about their life in the wild or how to care for them in aquariums.



Dolphins, Porpoises, and Whales (4 Sites, 317 Hits) 01/19/1999
Featured Ring This ring brings together websites about dolphins, porpoises, and whales species. Please visit us if you love dolphins, porpoises, and whales.





Eels, StingRays, Jellyfish, and Other Oddities of the Sea. (2 Sites, 184 Hits) 02/02/2006
Featured Ring This ring was of course started, because of my love of eels. Eels, StingRays, Jellyfish, and Other Oddities of the Sea is a webring for any type of "strange" sea creature/fish/mammal. Looking mostly for unusual, difficult to raise, or rarely kept as pet species, such as: morays, batoids, anemones, jelly fish, starfish, sea cucumbers, moon snails, sting rays, plecos, octopus, squid, shrimp, cowry, sea spiders, crabs, seaworms, skates, seahorses, sea snails, coral, sponge, lobster, urchins, abalone, clam, shark, porcupin fish, pufferfish, sea dragons, and other such animals. However, any pet fish or wild fish related site is welcomed to join. All sea creature related sites welcome: personal home pages, zoos, about me and my pets, commercial sites, official sites, government sites, forums, Proboards, message boards, eBay groups, eBay profiles, Amazon profiles, Listmainia, CafePress shops, Yahoo Groups, blogs, online journals, chat rooms, fanlistings, fan sites, online communities, home pages, memorials, info sites, people, places, things, ideas, pet stores, pet suppliers

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