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Canadian Arabian Horse Webring (5 Sites, 86 Hits) 01/29/2003

Featured Ring A webring connecting Canadian Arabian websites: farms, trainers, clubs, and more. Dedicated to the promotion of the Arabian horse in Canada.

The Australian Arabian Horse Webring (18 Sites, 64 Hits) 03/07/2001
Featured Ring Webring of any websites pertaining to the Arabian horse in Australia & New Zealand - purebreds & derivatives - including clubs & associations, breeders, trainers, magazines, chat groups, & buyers/sellers of Arabian horses or Arabian products (eg. saddlery, artwork).

Al Khamsa Arabian Horses (6 Sites, 45 Hits) 07/25/2001
Featured Ring Al Khamsa breeders, owners, lovers and admirers show off their Al Khamsa progeny on our websites. For Al Khamsa owners, breeders and folks desiring to learn more about this horse, this is the place to start looking.


Classic Arabian & Half-Arabian WebRing (7 Sites, 106 Hits) 04/14/2001
Featured Ring This ring is for those who breed Purebred Arabians and those who breed Half-Arabians. We welcome owners, exhibitors, breeders and lovers of Arabian Horses.



Spanish Arabian Horses (5 Sites, 48 Hits) 02/14/1999
Featured Ring Spanish Arabian Horses are horse lines that originated in Spain.




Kuhailan Klub Arabian WebRing (6 Sites, 60 Hits) 08/25/2000
Featured Ring A ring for admirers, breeders, and exhibitors that own Polish or Russian bred arabians. If you find yourself falling in love with the Polish and Russian arabians. Or if you already are in love with them and consider them a main stay of your life, join up!

Arabian Sport Horses (8 Sites, 161 Hits) 12/27/1999
Featured Ring The Arabian Sport Horses Ring is a collection of websites featuring Arabians as Sport Horses. Here you will find Arabians in Dressage, Hunters, Jumping, Racing, Competitive Trail, Polo and Endurance competitions.



Arabian Horses (41 Sites, 963 Hits) 12/31/1996
Featured Ring 

Find in this ring sites pertaining to every aspect of the wonderfully mild Arabian horse, known for its endurance, its arched neck, high tail and unique facial shape, the length of its body and its desert origins (the bedouins who first bred the Arabian often protected their horses, especially the mares, from theft and the elements, by bringing them into their tents to sleep at night).  Pictured:  a 2006 photo by Wikimedia Commons member Trescastillos, of an Arabian stallion, with Egyptian bloodlines, named Vashara Chamal.



The CMK Arabian (11 Sites, 90 Hits) 02/15/2001
Featured Ring This webring is dedicated to the CMK bred Arabian horse.

Arabian Horse Breeds (6 Sites, 410 Hits) 06/13/1999
Featured Ring Ranches that focus primarily on the various Arabian Horse Breeds are in this subring. This may include, but is not limited to: Arabian Ponies, In Your Tent Arabians, Desert Arabian horses, Half Arabians, and Polish Arabians

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