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Best Appaloosa Sites (5 Sites, 395 Hits) 12/29/2001

Featured Ring This ring is a collection of the greatest appaloosa sites on the Internet today. Whether you're looking to buy an appaloosa, sell an appaloosa, offer appaloosa services and supplies, or just love these hardy, American-bred saddle horses, these sites are for you!

Andalusians (2 Sites, 579 Hits) 06/13/1999
Featured Ring Andalusians are an old breed of horses from the Iberian peninsula. It is also called a pure breed Spanish horse (PRE)

Appaloosa Horse (29 Sites, 885 Hits) 12/31/1996
Featured Ring Welcome to the community that connects Appaloosa horse breeders, clubs and organizations that promote the Appaloosa horse.

A.P.P.Spotted Horse (18 Sites, 491 Hits) 06/27/1999
Featured Ring Welcome to the colorful world of the spotted horse! Our Community embraces Appaloosas, Pintaloosas, and Pinto horses of all sizes! Fill your eyes with the beauty and splendor that is the spotted horse!

Foundation Appaloosa Breeders (3 Sites, 127 Hits) 09/07/2001
Featured Ring There is nothing like a Foundation Bred Appaloosa! Foundation Appaloosa Breeders Webring. Preserving the past, building the future. Bringing together breeders interested in preserving the foundation Appaloosa lines, and encouraging Appaloosa to Appaloosa breeding. Out of the Mists of Time, Walks a Legend... The Foundation Bred Appaloosa... Own Your Dream!

Appaloosa (2 Sites, 359 Hits) 02/10/2006
Featured Ring The Appaloosa is a horse breed best known for its colorful leopard-spotted coat pattern.  


Today the Appaloosa is one of the most popular breeds in the United States


Appaloosa Reining & Cowhorses (1 Sites, 12 Hits) 01/28/2001
Featured Ring WebRing of pages dedicated to the Appaloosa Reining & Cowhorses. Page must have substantial Appaloosa Reining or Appaloosa Cowhorse content, links, or pictures to join the ring.

Indian Shufflers Breeding Webring (1 Sites, 7 Hits) 11/12/2002
Featured Ring Dedicated to preserving true Foundation Appaloosa Shuffling Bloodlines.

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