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Skandinavisk hestering - Scandinavian Horse! (5 Sites, 190 Hits) 12/10/1998

Featured Ring This webring is for all sites about Scandinavian horses. HästNätet - en ring för svenska hästsidor. Har du en hästsida? Gå med i HästNätet, och få fler besökare till din hemsida. Alla sidor som innehåller hästar och ponnyer får vara med. Dette er hjemme siden til den norske heste web ringen!

Canadian Horse World (17 Sites, 306 Hits) 02/09/2001
Featured Ring Canadian Horse World is a collection of websites belonging to ranchers residing in the Canada. They bring you facts on breeding, care, genetics, and stallions at stud, semen shippers, and other useful information. Potential owners, breeders, or someone interested in learning about horses in Canada will find these websites interesting.




Equine Art (16 Sites, 345 Hits) 04/12/1998
Featured Ring The Equine Art Web Ring is about artists, sculptors and photographers and their work. Here you will find the websites for the best equine artists worldwide.



Horse & Pony Ringen (5 Sites, 173 Hits) 08/28/1998
Featured Ring  Untitled document

Ring för personlig häst och ponny sidor och webbplatser från hela världen.                 Ring of personal horse and pony pages and sites from around the world.

Horse Crazy WebRing (145 Sites, 276 Hits) 12/31/1996
Featured Ring 

This is where to find some great horse sites. Come visit our horses--they range from ponies to paints, and thoroughbreds to standard breeds.  And you'll find some great horse related products here also.




Black Stallion (18 Sites, 120 Hits) 05/23/1998
Featured Ring 

This web ring is designed for lovers of BLACK horses and BLACK AND WHITE horses of all breeds. Use this ring to find the perfect mate for your black horse, or the perfect black horse to purchase. Registered horses only please, any breed. 


Performance Horses for Sale (27 Sites, 259 Hits) 08/13/1999
Featured Ring The Performance Horses for Sale Web Ring is a group of websites of horse owners and ranches with horses for sale of all breeds. This includes AQHA, APHA, Arabians, TBs, WBs, Morgans and all other breeds. Every site in this ring has Performance Horses for Sale.


American Indian Horses (7 Sites, 247 Hits) 12/18/2000
Featured Ring American Indian Horse is defined by the American Indian Horse Registry as being from Spanish Barb, Arabian, Mustang, or Foundation Appaloosa breeds. The American Indian Horse is agile, has good endurance, and can carry loads. They’re also very intelligent with a wild streak that lets them take care of themselves. They have a wide variety of coloration patterns including lilac roan, spotted leopard, overano paint, lightning marks, and stripes on the legs. This American Indian Horse community links together websites providing information on the basic requirements to keep these horses healthy. They will be interesting for everyone from a potential owner to the casual observer just interested in learning more about this horse breed.

Crazy About Horses (61 Sites, 231 Hits) 10/17/2000
Featured Ring We're here for horders, horsesm horses!  If you have a horse, love horses, are looking for a horse of any breed or need you are on to a great horse experience!  Horse Breed? You'll find quarter horse, paint horse, appaloosa, pinto and more.  Need?  Try western riding, reining, cutting, rodeo and more.


Equine Products & Services WebRing (25 Sites, 63 Hits) 12/05/2000
Featured Ring Equine Products & Services WebRing showcases sites that sells horse products or services including boarding, training, tack, art, gifts, supplies, fencing, feed and nutritional supplements.


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