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Weight Pulling Dog Sport World (5 Sites, 156 Hits) 08/18/2002

Featured Ring 

Weight  Pulling Dog Sport World is a collection of websites dealing with this canine sport. You will find dog breeders, kennels, clubs, associations, and equipment manufacturers dedicated to the sport of dog weight pulling.

The Winner's Circle (18 Sites, 35 Hits) 09/17/2000
Featured Ring If you compete with your dog in any organized event you can put him in the "Winner's Circle." Join today! Only web sites with relative information, no missing graphics or incomplete pages will be accepted.

Canine Activities (11 Sites, 21 Hits) 09/18/2000
Featured Ring All things Dog! Fun activities for your special canine, Dog events, training, flyball, outdoor sports, freestyle, agility, and more. No puppy mills! All breeders must have health clearances for their dog's breed. No exceptions!

Herding Dog (22 Sites, 356 Hits) 01/26/1998
Featured Ring Our dogs work for a living! Join us as we share information and a love for herding dogs collies, shepherds, sheepdogs, name the breed, they're here.

Bird Dog (4 Sites, 47 Hits) 03/29/2000
Featured Ring Find in this ring sites featuring breeders/kennels specializing in dogs who will be raised to enjoy and excel in birding, as well as personal sites about such dogs and their activities.

Schutzhund & Working Dogs (8 Sites, 159 Hits) 12/15/1997
Featured Ring  Untitled document

Dedicated to German Sport of Schutzhund and Herding, as well as to all working dogs.  Pictured:  Schutzhund practice.  On the NavBar:  a border collie.

Tracking & Obedience (4 Sites, 5 Hits) 01/22/2001
Featured Ring  Untitled document

This is a ring designed for those who train and trial their dogs in tracking, obedience and schutzhund. A place to locate training tips and to exchange ideas. Breeders of working dogs, individual trainers and clubs welcome.

The Dog Show (29 Sites, 17 Hits) 03/19/2001
Featured Ring This ring is for any Breeders/Exhibitors that Show Dogs. Any Websites that are related to showing please join. Let the world see your show dogs and learn about the wonderful world of dog shows. *****However,if you have a dog site and the main purpose is to sell puppies you need not apply. No Puppy Mills, no sites where you can use Pay Pal or Credit Cards to buy puppies.

Dog Training Sites (21 Sites, 305 Hits) 02/18/1998
Featured Ring Need help taming that feisty canine of yours? Perhaps you want to train Fido to fetch your favorite beverage from the fridge? Then check out the wide variety of dog trainers who belong to this community.

Dog Sports (14 Sites, 59 Hits) 08/20/2000
Featured Ring Dogs are natural athletes and love to play! Agility, Flyball, Frisbee, Herding, Musical Canine Freestyle, Weight name it and they're here.

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