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ISSR Shiloh Shepherds (112 Sites, 726 Hits) 02/27/2004

Featured Ring This ring is for all owners and breeders of ISSR registered Shiloh Shepherds.

The Shiloh Shepherd is a breed still under development since 1962 by Tina Barber. This unique "giant" version of the GSD, bred for huge size with good hips and sound temperaments, is based on an extensive LMX (littermate x-ray) program designed to produce superior quality pups.

New Zion Shilohs  (23 Sites, 266 Hits) 09/03/2008
Featured Ring New Zion Shiloh Shepherds is dedicated to preserving the exceptional qualities of the REAL DEAL Shiloh Shepherds started by Tina M. Barber in 1974. 

This Ring has been established to provide the public with an opportunity to watch New Zion Shilohs as they continue to grow up in their new homes! Owners of these magnificent dogs, that have web pages or blogs, have been invited to share their links here!

We also plan to share some education links that will help you to better understand this "breed" - STILL under development, as well as articles written by the breed founder!! We also have a page reserved exclusively for litters produced in 2007 - and beyond!

Our Shiloh Shepherds (12 Sites, 179 Hits) 12/09/2004
Featured Ring Get connected with the top Shiloh Shepherd sites for information on Shiloh Shepherd breeders, champions, working dogs, companions, puppies, and more. These Shiloh Shepherd breeder websites are filled with information about the dogs, kennels and any new puppies available.

ISSR Shiloh Shepherd Puppies (26 Sites, 232 Hits) 12/22/2008
Featured Ring Shiloh Shepherds are still a "breed" under development, started at Shiloh Kennels in NY. Visit member sites to get a better understanding of what these dogs are all about. This ring has been set up to help you find a REAL DEAL puppy produced by a Licensed ISSR breeder working within strict rules and under the constant supervision of the breed founder!

 Many frauds are out there selling GSD/mutt pups for outrageous prices in order to make money. If you would like to learn more about these magnificent dogs, or have specific questions that you would like to ask, please join our ever expanding COMUNITY FORUM!! If you are ready to purchase your fully guaranteed, extensively tested Shiloh Shepherd puppy, then take some time to visit the honest ISSR licensed breeders linked on this site!!

Shiloh Shepherds of Europe (8 Sites, 20 Hits) 09/03/2010
Featured Ring 
This ring is for Shiloh Shepherds located in Europe.

Member sites include Breeders, Owners, Clubs and Information about the breed.


Parent Breed Club: Shiloh Shepherd Dog Club of America

Official Breed Registry: International Shiloh Shepherd Registry




Shiloh Shepherds of Canada (10 Sites, 160 Hits) 09/07/2008
Featured Ring 
This ring is for Shiloh Shepherds located in Canada.

Member sites include Breeders, Owners, Clubs and Information about the breed.

Parent Club: Shiloh Shepherd Dog Club of America

Official Registry: International Shiloh Shepherd Registry



Real Deal ISSR Shiloh Shepherd Zakanne (1 Sites, 8 Hits) 06/08/2010
Welcome to Zak's web ring! Zakanne is a REAL DEAL ISSR Shiloh Shepherd and was bred by the Breed Founder Herself, Tina Barber. I hope you enjoy his blog.

SSDCA Regional Chapters and Events (1 Sites, 13 Hits) 12/27/2008
Featured Ring The ORIGINAL Shiloh Shepherd Dog Club of America, Inc. has continued to grow since its inception in 1991! We are also the ONLY "Shiloh Club" recognized by the Breed Founder, Tina Barber, and the official Parent Club for the International Shiloh Shepherd Registry, Inc., the original registry started by the breed founder with data on over 4000 dogs registered with the ISSR.

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