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Schnauzer World - Mini to Giant (40 Sites, 659 Hits) 12/31/1996

Featured Ring The Schnauzer World Web Ring is a collection of some of the finest sites about Giant Schnauzers, Standard Schnauzers, and Miniature Schnauzers on the internet! This web ring is here to host a collection of information on all things Schnauzer. If your site features Giant, Standard, or Miniature Schnauzers then perhaps you should consider joining this ring. If you’re looking for information regarding schnauzers or own a schnauzer you’ve come to the perfect place!

Giant Schnauzer Webring — All Giant All the Time (11 Sites, 174 Hits) 12/31/1996
Featured Ring The Giant Schnauzer Webring is made up of web sites that contain a variety of information on the Giant Schnauzer breed of dog. As long as Giant Schnauzers are a featured part of a web site, the web site is eligible for inclusion into the Giant Schnauzer Webring. You will find breeders, services, shutzhund, ringsport, online magazines etc. as a part of the Giant Schnauzer Webring.

Schnauzer Ring - Giant, Standard, & Miniature Schnauzers (4 Sites, 36 Hits) 05/05/2001
Featured Ring The web ring for all Schnauzer people. Breeders, owners, handlers, if you have a giant, standard, and or miniature schnauzer site you belong in this ring!

Schnauzer Ring Germany (3 Sites, 25 Hits) 03/27/2002
Featured Ring If you have a website with Schnauzer (giand-standart-miniatur-) from any country in the world, so please sign up your page into this German Web-Ring. Wenn ihr auch eine Website mit Schnauzer habt, egal aus welchem Land, so tragt eure Seite doch hier ein.

Giant Schnauzers (2 Sites, 9 Hits) 05/21/2005
Featured Ring Dedicated to the Giant Schnauzer — from breeders to owners to those who fancy this super-sized Schnauzer.

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