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Foundation & Outcross Maine Coons (5 Sites, 29 Hits) 04/16/2001

Featured Ring This web ring is primarily for breeders who use outcross/foundation cats in their breedings however, EVERYONE is welcome to join. If you are looking for a foundation/outcross Maine Coon have a look through the members of this ring. None of us bite....much :o))))

Maine Coon Cats Ring (6 Sites, 165 Hits) 04/14/1999
Featured Ring  

Formerly the Maine-Coon-Ring für deutschsprachige Seiten, the Maine Coon Cats Ring is now open to sites of all languages.  So if you have a site profiling these beautiful cats, please come join us!

Maine Coon (14 Sites, 281 Hits) 10/15/2001
Featured Ring Dedicated to the Maine Coon from catteries to owners to those who fancy this "Gentle Giant."

MC Ring (3 Sites, 14 Hits) 06/09/2001
Featured Ring The Maine Coon Cat ring is for MC owners, fanciers, breeders, show enthusiasts, and rescue people everywhere. All are welcome to join.

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