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  What's a NavBar?

Web sites that belong to a WebRing Community will display a navigation bar (NavBar) that allows you to easily click from site to site within the Community. Once you finish exploring a site, simply locate the NavBar to navigate to another site within the WebRing Community. Here's an example of what it might look like.

[ Join Now | Ring Hub | Random | << Prev | Next >> ]

Using the NavBar is easy!
  1. "Next" or "Prev" moves you to the site that follows or precedes the current site in the ring Community.
  2. "Ring Hub" opens the Community's home page, which lists all the sites that belong to the Community.
  3. "Join Now" starts the application process to connect your web site to that Community.
  4. The search box (if present) allows you to search the entire WebRing Directory.

Other NavBar Options:

  • Use the WebRing Search Box in the NavBar and guide your search by selecting "this WebRing" or "all WebRings".
  • Return to the Community Hub Page by clicking on the "Ring Hub" link on the NavBar.
  • Begin the process of connecting your site to a WebRing Community by clicking on the "Join Now" link.
A note about locating a site's NavBar:
Each member of a WebRing Community is responsible for the placement of navigation code on their web site, which means the NavBar's location will vary from site to site. Some members put it on the top of their page, others on the bottom, others in side links and others place it on a separate links or WebRings page. If you can't find the NavBar when you're ready to move on, try one of these places.

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