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  NavBar Benefits

Web sites that belong to a WebRing Community will display a navigation bar (NavBar) that allows you to easily click from site to site. Here's one option of how it might look after you place a simple piece of navigation code correctly on your web site.

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The NavBar is the key component to the WebRing technology. The NavBar accumulates hits from all of the sites so that a hit to one site is a hit to all sites. Additionally, the NavBar acts as a link so your web site is linked to every other site in the community. Your site benefits from higher search engine results because it has more hits and more links. Learn about NavBar Placement.

Visitors use the NavBar so they can easily click through the WebRing Community by doing the following simple steps:

  1. Select a category from the home page.
  2. Select a sub-category if available.
  3. Select a Webring Community.
  4. Select a web site from the WebRing Community.
  5. Click the "Next" or "Prev" found on the site's NavBar to go to another site.
Other NavBar Benefits:
  • Visitors use the WebRing Search Box in the NavBar to guide their search by selecting "this WebRing" or "all WebRings".
  • They return to the Community Hub Page by clicking on the "Ring Hub" link on the NavBar.
  • They begin the application process to connect their web sites to a WebRing Community by clicking on the "Join Now" link.

NavBar Placement.
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