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Promote your web site in participating WebRing communities

In order to increase the visibility of your site(s) in the WebRing Communities you are a member of, you may use the Feature Sites option if it's allowed by the Community Manager. The Feature Sites option works by using a bid system. The highest three bids will be listed on the Community's Hub Page and above the other member sites in the site listing.

Here's How It Works

WebRing will:

  • Furnish you with a list of participating Communities so you can join and place bids.
  • Provide you with the minimum amount the Community manager is asking (if any).
  • Show you top bids other members have made (where applicable).
  • Ensure that your account has adequate credit to pay for the featured site status.
  • Collect payment and transfer credit to the manager daily.
  • Generate daily Featured Site charge reports.

More Information
How do I get started?

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