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Affiliate Program FAQ

What are the WebRing membership levels?

WebRing offers two membership levels:

  • WebRing 1.0. This is our basic membership. Learn more.

  • WebRing 2.0. This premium membership is ideal if you want to make the most from our affiliate program or you manage a large number of rings or have a large number of ring memberships. Learn more.

What is a unique new member?

A new member is considered unique if:

  • This is a newly created account (WebRing user ID).
  • The email address is unique and verified.
  • The member applies to a ring with using a URL not previously used at WebRing.

What does successfully join a ring mean?

In order to qualify for payment though the WebRing Affiliate Program, a new member must satisfy these requirements:

  • Create a WebRing user ID after clicking on the affiliate button on one of your pages.
  • Apply to a ring. Any ring other than the WebRing promotional ring, My First WebRing, qualifies.
  • Correctly add the navigation code to their web site.
  • Be accepted and made active in the qualifying ring.
  • Be a unique new member.

What is an invited new member?

If you manage a ring or are a member of a ring you have a tool available that you can use to invite new members to join WebRing. The Invite Tool is designed to make it easy for an individual to join WebRing and immediately apply to join a specific ring. In order to use this tool to invite a member to join, you'll need to know:

The invitation includes a link allowing them to join WebRing quickly and easily. We track the invitation so we can credit you through our Affiliate Program.


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